Why We’re Taking Action


  • To Change the Culture:
    • We want to make it possible for St. Olaf students to be able to talk openly about sexual assault and sexual assault cases. It is time to remove the taboo and break up the culture of silence.
  • To Protest the Manner in which Saint Olaf Processes Sexual Assault Accusations:
    • Fellow students and I feel a responsibility to warn every single student at my college that the administration may not provide them with adequate support or protection if they are sexually assaulted.
    • Several of us wish to protest the way our cases were mishandled.
    • We believe that standing up against traumatic experiences should not be answered with additional trauma from insensitive and poorly handled administrative processes
  • To Take Control of the Narrative:
    • In my case, my rapist unilaterally decided to make my experience public by informing my friends, coworkers, bosses, my ex-boyfriend, and his family about the case. The choice of deciding whether or not to share this traumatic experience was taken away from me. To heal from this secondary assault on my mental well-being, I need to retain control of that narrative.