In Support of The Collective for Change on The Hill

In the face of institutional racism and white supremacy, culminating in a recent wave of abhorrent violent threats to students of color, The Collective for Change on The Hill is doing tremendous work to hold the St. Olaf community and administration accountable. Every student has the right to be safe and respected. While St. Olaf supposedly “strives to be an inclusive community, respecting those of differing backgrounds and beliefs,” it often fails to reach this goal. It is on all of us who are a part of this institution to hold ourselves and each other accountable.

To the students calling for change, thank you for your courage, determination, and thoughtful list of demands. We stand with you and we encourage other alumni and members of the St. Olaf community to do the same. This ends now.

You can learn more about their concerns, mission and demands here.

Alumni and parents can sign a petition of solidarity here.

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