Meeting with State Representatives

A little over a week ago we posted a letter which Minnesota State Representatives Erin Murphy (DFL, St. Paul/District 64A) and David Bly (DFL, Northfield/District 20B) sent to St. Olaf President David Anderson urging him to meet with us regarding the administration’s handling of sexual assault cases. 

We regret to announce that David Anderson refused that meeting.

However, the Representatives still sought to hear the voices of nine concerned students, and to provide a bridge of communication between ourselves and St. Olaf administrators. They allowed us to vocalize our concerns not only about the administration’s inept response to sexual misconduct (detailed partly in this complaint to the Office for Civil Rights [content warning: rape, sexual assault, intoxication]), but also about the administration’s unprofessional response (or lack thereof) to student activism.

We are truly proud to live in a state where Representatives like David Bly and Erin Murphy are willing to listen to the voices of student activists.

Moving forward, the representatives and ourselves will continue to attempt to open a dialogue with administrators.




One thought on “Meeting with State Representatives

  1. Dear Madeline,
    I have just finished reading through several of the articles and comments posted regarding the issue of your victimization. I commend you on all fronts. Though ,I wasn’t raped, I was emotionally abused by a former boss and wound up retiring because “I just couldn’t take it any more!” I have a sense of the “energy” it requires you to fight and persist, and fight some more… and persist some more. There must be a common code of silence broken in all educational arena’s, as the “self-protection” of these institutions is mind blowing, when simply “owning” that there is a problem would be so much more effective. But, I know all too well that just isn’t how it works.

    Know that you are doing the right thing…also know that your persistence in this will set a precedent all over the United States at private colleges everywhere, that are also in violation of victim’s rights. You are creating a voice to so many other’s didn’t have the strength to do anything but survive the abuse.

    Keep fighting the good fight, in the end you have already made a huge impact, but, you are so close to true victory-don’t stop now, change is right around the corner!

    May God continue to help you fight this battle, in the name of abused women, everywhere.


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