Petition to President David Anderson

Know Your IX, a nationally recognized organization that seeks to educate high school and college students about their rights under federal Title IX law is backing our petition to reform St. Olaf’s sexual assault policy:

Please show support of our cause by signing this petition. As we hope this website demonstrates, St. Olaf’s sexual assault policies have greatly harmed a good deal of survivors. This cannot continue.



2 thoughts on “Petition to President David Anderson

  1. I commend you in your effort to bring justice to college campus rapists and their victims. This sort of thing happens at college campuses all over the country because colleges are privately funded by their students and charging students with crimes costs them money, so it’s very political. It’s been happening for years and I sadly know at least 3 victims personally at my small college. Many rapists were charged & released and never prosecuted because the lack of evidence- it’s impossible to prove, another liability to the college. Sadly enough, this is when women learn there is no one looking out for them in the real world and that money is the name of the game. So happy you are trying to right this wrong for women everywhere – good luck.


  2. I commend the absolute courage and transparency you’ve had to draw from to bring about change at St. Olaf. Ultimately, you can have all the policies and regulations in the world that give lipservice to punishing those who are guilty of sexual assault. The big deal here is ENFORCEMENT.

    Any law is only effective if you are resolved to fearlessly enforce it. No matter what.

    There is such a thing as giving Silent Consent. Silent Consent is a secondary kind of violence. Dumbing down the situation, invalidating or criminalizing the victim or side stepping legitimate appeals based on arbitrary legalistic criteria are versions of giving a kind of silent consent.

    Looking the other way is a dangerous and costly mistake. It is not IF but WHEN they will have to answer for their lack of proper enforcement.

    There must be unwavering accountability at every level to make people answer for their behavior. And this includes those who are perpetrators of initial violence as well as those who remain silent in the midst of it.

    One doesn’t have to look too far to see what silent consent resulted in with the Catholic Archdioses in the Twin Cities. It will be a long road to complete healing for that community. (It was the fearless resolve of a young female lawyer who drew on similar courage and transparency to first expose their systemic complicity).

    I am hopeful your care and concern for the St. Olaf community will result in true and lasting change and bring real healing for victims everywhere.


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