Update After Meeting with Title IX Team

I am writing to report on our meeting with President David Anderson and the Title IX team at St. Olaf. Our desire is to be as transparent as possible regarding our conversations with administrators in order to bring about policy change.

Overall, we feel that administrators were open to hearing many of the demands we have made, and we are optimistic.

That being said, no amendments to the sexual assault policies or procedures have been approved, so we must continue advocating for change.

The administration needs to understand that the current policy has produced awful and unacceptable outcomes for many Oles, and that these changes are necessary. Our demands can be found here: https://mycollegeisprotectingrapists.wordpress.com/our-demands/

Over the course of the coming days, we will be providing clarification and offering more thorough rationale for many of our demands. Additionally, we will still be wearing our shirts and will continue to do so until there is adequate institutional reform on this campus.

We would like to emphasize that if you see any of us wearing a shirt, please continue to engage in discussion with us. We are interested in hearing the ideas and experiences of our peers and alumni. The administration’s willingness to accept policy change will be bolstered by the active involvement of the student body and concerned alumni.

In the meantime: current St. Olaf students, please join us in attending the event concerning sexual misconduct policy this Wednesday at 7:30 pm in Trollhaugen (3rd floor of Buntrock). The event is co-sponsored by the Title IX team, the Wellness Center and SARN. We hope to see you there!



3 thoughts on “Update After Meeting with Title IX Team

  1. 1972 Alum Debbie Gaston.
    Assistant Director of Counseling and also Sexual Assualt Prevention and Response Coordinator at Worcester State University

    Keep up your work. The St. O policy as posted doesn’t look that bad but it is not being followed or enforced according to what you write. I’m troubled that there are no faculty on the Title IX team.

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